Lourdes Palmer has been a Physical Therapist since 1998.  Her passion and career path has been in Pediatrics with a focus on children who live with neurological and/or genetic conditions.  At the start of her Pediatric Physical Therapy career, Lourdes was surrounded by outstanding educators and peers that guided her, taught her, and trained her in the complexities and comorbidities children with neurological conditions face, leading to specific training in Neurodevelopmental Treatment in Pediatrics in 2001.  She experienced the struggles nonprofit organizations face and, due to her exceptional knowledge and skills, was promoted to Director in 2004. In 2012, Lourdes established Intention Wellness Inc., to utilize her skills to  treat children who live with complex neurological diagnosis and help their families.

In 2015, Lourdes and her husband, Mike, started fostering children.  They adopted a beautiful two-year-old girl in 2016 and a beautiful baby boy in 2017.  These life changing events changed Lourdes personally and they opened her eyes to the challenges of parenting.  Lourdes is empathetic and expects a lot from the families of the children she treats.  As a parent herself, she now incorporates pragmatic approaches to her recommendations.

Today, Lourdes desires to help children and families even further by helping them solve a common problem faced by children who use wheelchairs as their primary means of getting around.  She founded Mobility Angels Corporation to fulfill a need in living a safe and fulfilling life!

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